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22 Wolf Tattoo Designs

May 18, 2013 By: darrell lowry Category: Animal Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoo designs have so many meanings because of the amount of things that wolves symbolize. These animals are predators, they hunt, they’re morbid, they howl, they are these beasts that stand for strength, perseverance, triumph and valiance. Some people even claim that wolves stand for devotion, artistic and beautiful. Either way you look at it there aren’t many emotions that can’t be related to wolves. Males and females included love them and what they stand for. The stigma that wolves are strictly masculine tattoos is out the window, many females love wolves for their eyes, for how they emulate strength and prosperity; they’re all around great animals.

No matter the size, the design, the color or the placement of a wolf tattoo you will get rave reviews and compliment after compliment from even strangers asking your reasoning for wanting a wolf tattoo. Years and years ago wolves were rumored to have been loyal and successful, if you’re looking for a design to say that, you’ll want a wolf. Most females love the wolf tattoo because of the way their eyes look, the way that they look so proper and stand so tall. The most gorgeous wolf designs go with a moon light setting just because that is the time that wolves are seen the most. Regardless of the placement, color scheme or design, wolves have the greatest meaning and you can easily create a design on your own based around wolves. Where some guys get a whole wolf and tribal design on the arm or their back, there are others who display just their faces. This design is easily turned into your own and you can do just about anything to make this design your own. Check out some of these great designs below and maybe you’ll find your next design!

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Thigh Wolf Tattoo

Thigh Wolf Tattoo

Wolf With Wings And Circles

Wolf With Wings And Circles

Shoulder Wolf Tattoo

Shoulder Wolf Tattoo

Clever Tattoos For Men

Clever Wolf Tattoo

Women And Wolf Tattoo

Women And Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoos For Men


Wolf Tattoos For Girls


Celtic Wolf Tattoo


Howling Wolf Tattoo


Traditional Wolf Tattoo


Tribal Wolf Tattoo


Japanese Wolf Tattoo


Native American Wolf Tattoo


Wolf Paw Tattoos


Wolf Moon Tattoo


Tribal Wolf Head Tattoo


Yin Yang Wolf Tattoo


Realistic Wolf Tattoos


Small Wolf Tattoo


Snarling Wolf Tattoo


Simple Wolf Tattoo


Angry Wolf Tattoo


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