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May 12, 2013 By: darrell lowry Category: Tattoo Designs

Celtic Knots are becoming an overnight success in the tattoo world. Often they’re showcased as a Trinity Knot which is commonly known as Triquetra Tattoo. The symbol has many meanings and significances, ironically it has meaning to both Christians and non-Christians but their personal definitions are based on their spiritual and life beliefs. Where Christians believe the three points represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost), on other spiritual levels the meaning could be life, death and rebirth. Regardless of what your beliefs and dreams are, a celtic knot or triquetra tattoo are amazing. You can have your own 3 factors in your life that you want to symbolize with a celtic knot. There is no restriction on it having to strictly be a religious tattoo.

Triquetra Tattoos are interesting for that alone, they have different meanings that you can’t assume anything by the art work displayed. The representation of the forces such as earth, water and air are simple to relate to anything with three points, but Triquetra goes further than that. If you’re contemplating getting a Celtic knot/Triquetra Tattoo anywhere on your body remember that there are different meanings you can have for this magical symbol from your personal beliefs, religious views or a personal meaning in your life remember that no matter how you design it, no matter where you place it, no matter what others will think of it, this will forever be a tattoo that you will treasure and never regret. Make it your own, talk to an artist about what you want to convey the most—whether it be religion or life battles, your artist can help you find the best way to incorporate the meaning you want. Check out some of the best and most popular designs below!

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Celtic Triquetra Tattoo


Triquetra Tattoos


Celtic Triquetra Tattoos


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