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13 Small Tattoo Designs for Men

June 23, 2013 By: darrell lowry Category: Men Tattoos

Small Tattoo Designs for Men are versatile and great looks. Small tattoos are easily hidden and can in most cases mean the most. Whether you’re looking to have your wives name on you, your child(ren)s name, you’re a small portrait or the ever popular tribal tattoo, if you have a professional job like say you’re a lawyer, you’re a teacher, whatever the case is where you can’t have your tattoos fully visible, a small tattoo might be best for you. That doesn’t mean all of your tattoos have to be small, though. Maybe you and your wife would rather have a tattooed ring versus having the traditional wedding band and ring, there’s nothing stopping you from displaying your love and appreciation in the way that you feel best fit. A lot of brother or fraternities will get matching tattoos, whether it’s a team logo, a tribal band around their bicep or some symbol or design that means the most to all involved, those tattoos tend to be on the smaller side because they’re easier to hide if need be.

Some of the best designs are small, the most meaningful tattoos can be the smallest, too. Depending on the meaning behind the tattoo a smaller tattoo can mean just as much as a huge back piece. There are no rules in the tattoo world and the size of your tattoo doesn’t matter most. It’s about placement and of course what the design means to you. Check out these unique designs below that are some of the best designs out there that are easy to customize, easy to recreate or even gain inspiration from. Tattoos are all about personal meaning and beliefs. You wouldn’t get a dog tattoo if you hate dogs, right? It’s all about personal choice! Put some thought into it and it’ll be a tattoo you’ll always be proud of.

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