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10 Name Tattoo Ideas

June 18, 2013 By: darrell lowry Category: Tattoo Fonts

Name Tattoo Ideas are simple, meaningful and can be so elegant. Think about it, if you’re getting someones name tattooed on your body you don’t want to just have it sprawled across your skin as some plain and boring simple design! You want something eye catching, something that tells a story, something that’ll remind you of the person you’re getting tattooed on you. You want something that is in a great place, too. While some people—mostly males, get their last name tattooed in an arch on their stomach going from hip to hip, others will get their parents names or even their siblings names tattooed on their bicep or even back. Regardless of the name, you want to make sure that it’ll be 100% meaningful and it’ll be a great memory to have since it’ll never leave your body.

If you have a back piece, chest piece or even any are of your body that has a nice collection of tattoos you can easily incorporate a name into the design. Whether you’re doing the tattoo in memorandum for someone, which if you are you’ll want to include something for that person, whether it’s their favorite quote, favorite flower, design, anything, it’ll mean that much more to you. Maybe you’re looking for a way to incorporate your family into a tattoo. It’s not uncommon to get childrens names tattooed on your forearm or even ankles, it’s a great way to showcase your love and appreciation. Boyfriend and girlfriends will also get each others names tattooed as of lately, which is ironic because this used to be considered such a curse. Maybe you’re a newlywed and don’t want to wear a ring, you can easily get your husband or wifes name tattooed around your ring finger, not only is it creative but it’s a sweet gesture. Check out these great designs below!

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