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20 Word Tattoos

July 05, 2013 By: darrell lowry Category: Tattoo Fonts

Word Tattoos have become popular almost overnight. There isn’t one single word that doesn’t look good tattooed. There’s so many different fonts that you can get your tattoo in and that only opens up the door even more to how unique you can design your word tattoo. Whether you’re getting a single word or a group of words, you want a font that compliments the saying well. If you want to make a statement with getting someones name tattooed on you, you want a nice maybe cursive font. If you’re getting “ROCK” tattooed over your knuckles you’d want something more bold, something that really makes a statement. Same goes with colors. You can add colors to just about word, even if it’s just a shadow or maybe you use color in a specific letter of the tattoo, either way colors are optional and sometimes black ink tattoos make more of a statement. Word tattoos are a way that you can showcase something that means most to you, why not have the way it’s tattooed be exactly what you want? Whether you’re getting a name, a date, your favorite word, whatever it is that you’re getting tattooed on you, make sure that it’s in the place that you like the most. Most people will get tattoos of words on their wrists, ankles, back of their neck, across their knuckles and so on. If you’re wanting to have a big display with this word or name or whatever it is, you can also easily do so by having the word going down the inside of your forearm. Your body is a canvas, make it into your own gorgeous work of art! Make sure the word that you select is a word that has a specific meaning to you and a word that you relate to. Check out these great styles below! If you found this article interesting, you can check out some other articles on Name Tattoo IdeasHebrew Tattoo Ideas, Chinese Tattoo Symbols and Japanese Kanji Tattoos

Faith Word Tattoo


Balance Word Tattoo


Breath Word Tattoo


Mind Matters Word Tattoo


Wild Hearts Cant Be Tamed Word Tattoo brave-word-tattoo

Brave Word Tattoo


Words To Live By Word Tattoo


Smile Word Tattoo


Hope Word Tattoo


Joy Word Tattoo

Never Give Up Word Tattoo


Courage Word Tattoo


Suicide is for Quitters Word Tattoo


Yes Word Tattoo


Chase Dreams Word Tattoo


Hope Word Tattoo


Strength Function Beauty Word Tattoo


Trust Word Tattoo


Family Friends Word Tattoo


Faith Word Tattoo

Faith Word Tattoo

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10 Good Quotes Tattoo

July 04, 2013 By: darrell lowry Category: Tattoo Quotes

Good Tattoo Quotes all depend on what you’re into. If you’re a movie fanatic and you know of a quote in a movie that you not only like but it relates to you, why not get it tattooed? Maybe you have a favorite song and the lyrics mean a lot to you, get that tattooed on you! Tattoos are a way to showcase your appreciation and relate to what relates to you. Whether it’s a song, a book quote, a movie quote, it doesn’t really matter. If it means something to you, why not get it tattooed? Quotes are always a good thing to go to because words and meanings never change trends, how you relate to a saying won’t ever change, how you appreciate a classic saying will never change and that in itself is reason enough for these designs to be so popular.

Quotes that relate to life and love tend to be the most popular, these quotes can be anything from “seize the day” to a bible verse, a song lyric, a quote relating to your family, there’s nothing specific that it has to be. Tattoos are a personal reflection of your feelings and your appreciation, make sure that whatever means the most to you is what you go with, a quote that you’ll be happy to have on your body many years from now. The location plays a part also, you can’t get a long quote tattooed in a small area or a small quote in a large area, you want to make sure your design is complimented properly. Check out these awesome designs below, maybe you’ll read a quote that’ll make you think, that’ll make you want the design tattooed on you, you can make it your own and possibly add it into a back piece or even a chest piece or just mix it with other designs, it’s up to you!

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Good Quotes Tattoo Ideas


Moment to be Free Good Quotes Tattoo Design


Twilight Good Quotes Tattoo


Good Quotes Tattoo on Shoulder Design for Boys


Shakespeare Good Quote Tattoo for Women


Togetherness Good Quote Tattoo Ideas for Men


Hopeful Good Quote Tattoo on Wrist Design


Significance Good Quote Tattoo Ideas for Girls


Ups and Downs Good Quotes Tattoo Design


Memories Good Quote Tattoo on Foot